pre-listing home inspection

Pre-Listing inspection is a standard home inspection that will be performed by a certified home inspector at the request of the home seller rather than the buyer before a house is listed for sale. The purpose of this inspection is to prepare the home for an easy sale through the elimination of unnecessary obstacles. Sellers and mainly the buyers are not aware of the current state of the house.

Some deficiencies found in the pre-inspection process could be easily fixed prior to the listing, this reduces the chances of a home being rejected by the buyer. Remember that most buyers are not experts in home fixing and may get turned off when they see those problems in the report provided to them by their own home inspector. None-technical issues like, slow draining sinks, broken light fixtures, broken door handle, damaged insulation on the cooler line outside and so on.

All the mentioned issues could get fixed with under $100, but the impacts of such issues are worth much more to a potential buyer. Transparency about a home’s defects, especially regarding any issues the seller may not be willing to fix, provide the buyer with confidence about the state of the home. A seller is more trustworthy when they are clear about any issues, this eliminates the concern for hidden conditions in the eyes of the buyer.

A pre-listing home inspection may not be necessary, but they provide significant aid to the house selling process by reducing the number of showings and back and forth negotiations. Anything that provides the piece of mind for smoother negotiations benefits both parties.