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Home Inspector in Barrie
Home Inspector in Barrie

Is it Okay to Skip Home Inspection When Buying a Home in Barrie?

Are you going to buy a home in Barrie? If yes, have you completed the home inspection process? If not, this post is for you. We understand that the home-buying process can be very exhaustive.

Sometimes, it gets more complicated when homes you are eyeing are going under contract the same day they are listed. In such cases, it becomes nearly impossible to visit the property in person and become confident about your decision. At times like these, you might think about waiving the home inspection process. In fact, many homebuyers do this in the frenzy real estate market.

Not considering home inspection is like putting the money that you have earned with so much hardship into gambling. No matter how tight the deadline is and how much a home seller or real estate agent praises a home for sale, you should never ever skip this process.

When the real estate market of a place is hot, it is likely to find most home inspectors already booked. So, when you are on the journey of home hunting during the peak season, make sure that you get in touch with a Home Inspector in Barrie in advance.

Is it a bad idea to waiver home inspection?

Before deciding if it is good or bad to waiver home inspection, you should understand what exactly home inspection means and involves. The home inspection process is an onsite, in-person examination of the current conditions and structure of a home. A home inspection is not a test that passes or fails a home. It doesn’t evaluate if a home meets zoning or building codes.

It includes a visual inspection of major elements and systems, such as:

Home Inspector in Barrie

                              Home Inspector Barrie

  • electrical and plumbing systems (where visible)
  • foundation
  • attic ventilation
  • roof
  • exterior walls
  • doors and windows
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • ceilings, walls, and floors
  • insulation
  • drainage systems
  • the structural integrity of the home
  • common areas if you are buying a condo

Once the inspection is completed, Home Inspectors prepare a report that provides detailed information about the condition and structural integrity of a home. You will easily know if some parts or areas of a home are safe, need to be repaired immediately, or may need replacement in the near future. Plus, you will also learn the evidence of any past problems.

As soon as you get the report and come to know about any problems, you can ask the seller to rectify or adjust the price. Or, you can even refuse to make the deal if problems are major and expensive and the seller is not ready to make improvements.

In short, a home inspection saves you from spending a sizeable amount on a home that is not worth it. Though it can be tempting to skip home inspection in a hot real estate market, waiving a home inspection may come with substantial risks.

Without a Home Inspection, you will remain unaware of costly repairs and potential hazards that will compromise the health as well as safety of yours and your loved ones. Besides, your financial interest is also not protected which is utmost necessary when you are making possibly the largest purchase of your life.

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Home Inspector

A Seller’s Guide to Prepare for Home Inspection

Located along the western shore of Lake Simcoe on Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie is one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. Due to strategic location and many job opportunities, the population of Berrie is increasing at a high rate. Even a report says the population of the city is expected to increase to 667,000 by 2031 which was 136,063 in the year 2011.

With the increase in the population, the demand for the house will also increase. So if you are planning to sell your house to immigrants, you should be ready for a home inspection. It’s because no buyer approves to close the deal without a home inspection report. They send a home inspector to gain valuable insights into the property’s condition.

Before the Home Inspector arrives for the inspection, you should be prepared for the process. As a responsible seller, you should make sure that the home inspector does not suffer from any issues during the inspection and gets an accurate report.

The tips to prepare are:

You should make everything accessible 

During the home inspection, the Home Inspector will examine every inch of your home. Along with the main areas, he will go through the crawlspace, attic, and other less used areas. So you should ensure he can easily reach critical areas and systems. You should find all possible ways and make them accessible with utmost safety.

You should manage the perimeter

Home inspector Barrie

                                        Home inspector Barrie

A home inspector will look inside as well as outside of your house. He will check the exterior walls and other details that can lead to problems from outside. So you should ensure that the perimeter is easy to look at. You should remove everything that may come in the way of the inspection process. The path and visibility for the inspector should be clear.

You should address the roof and gutters

Roof and gutter inspection is a major responsibility of a homeowner. Even if you are not selling your house, you should inspect your house roof and gutter regularly to prevent any severe accident. If the inspection is pending for a long, you should do it before the arrival of the home inspector. You should clean out the gutters, check the downspout positions, examine the shingles for damage, and schedule repair if required.

You should clean the interior

Cleanliness is an important factor during the home inspection. You should clean your house interior thoroughly and make the area clutter-free. If your house is dirty or the Home Inspector has to navigate a ton of clutter, he might take things wrong. He might assume that since your house isn’t clean, you don’t care for it. You are not responsible. Also, with a suspicious mind, he may take more time looking for issues.

You should replace the bulbs, batteries, and filters

An electrical inspection is also an important part of home inspection. So before the home inspector arrives, you should replace the burned-out light bulbs, dead smoke detector batteries, and other damaged electrical parts. In case these electrical components are not working, the home inspector might assume that electrical connections in the property are not good. With this, one major part of the home inspection report will be marked negative.

Preparation for a Home Inspection will avoid any negative comments in the report and allow you to close the deal at the desired price.

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Home Inspector in Barrie

Process of a Home Inspection and Why is it Carried Out?

As a smart buyer, you need to take the initiative to work with a professional property inspection when purchasing a home for a satisfactory result. A property sale contract usually contains a contingency clause, which allows you to back out if the house is not in proper condition.

The contingency provision enables you to obtain a home inspection, and if reports are unacceptable, you can choose to terminate the contract. For more clarification, you should contact a professional Home Inspector in Barrie. 

Let’s take a look at the reason why a home inspection is carried out.

Purchasing a property is probably the biggest investment that you will make in your life. Thus, it is imperative to get your house inspected before closing the deal. Through a comprehensive inspection, you can gain details that may trouble you in the future.

Keep in mind that a home inspection isn’t for making or breaking a deal. The key motive of carrying Home Inspection is to make a wise decision based on the information provided by a home inspector. The report will point out the significant issues in a property, assisting you in deciding whether you should go ahead with the deal or not.

A knowledgeable and experienced home inspector is an efficient source if you want to learn about your home in depth.

Home Inspector in Barrie

                                  Home Inspector in Barrie

Process of a Property Inspection:

  1. The process of property inspection involves going through the exterior and interior of the house and recording defective, broken, or hazardous issues.
  2. The home inspector will walk through the areas of the house to note its condition.
  3. After that, the inspector will inspect:
  • Plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation, and water systems
  • The home’s structural elements
  • The foundation
  • The attic
  • The roof
  • The basement
  1. After a thorough inspection, the professional will note down the condition of each of these components.
  2. Finally, the inspector will submit a report containing all information, including necessary repairs needed, safety, or fire hazards.

What to Expect from a Home Inspection?

A home inspection generally lasts for a few hours. The professional should answer all of your questions. Avoid the inspectors that provide only a verbal report. The report should be in a narrative form, not just a checklist of inspection components.

The inspector should also provide a written report with accurate estimates for any major defects discovered during the inspection. Inspector can also inspect work upon completion to ensure that a contract has been fulfilled.

The Bottom Line

Home inspection in Toronto is a mandatory process for home buying. Professional inspectors have a checklist of items to inspect and a standardized format to provide you with unbiased results. If you are seeking to purchase a property, it is better to invest in a Home Inspector in Barrie.