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Top Reasons to Have a Home Inspection before Buying a House

When you are investing your savings in real estate, you should take your time to find the right property in excellent condition for better returns. A professional home inspection is a way to determine the condition of any residential or commercial property before moving further. Once you decide on a potential house or any other property you are going to purchase, hire a home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the property before finalizing the contract.

A Home Inspection by a professional home inspector helps investors to assess the value and condition of the property they are planning to buy. Here are the top reasons why you should consider a professional inspection before buying a new house.


A home inspection lets you uncover potential safety issues to avoid any future trouble. You cannot judge a home by its facade and you need to find what’s inside. A professional Home Inspector conduct inspections to find issues such as crumbling structure, worn roofing, non-functional windows, improper electrical wiring, and plumbing issues that can be dangerous as well as costly to repair. It can also help you detect hazardous issues like mold formation that causes different health issues with continuous exposure.

Pest and insect problems

Depending on the location of the property, pest and insect infection can be an issue in a house. Pests or insects like termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants can create problems in any home. A home inspection service that includes pest and insect inspection can investigate for any infection in the woods, walls, or surface to make sure that the house is okay to purchase.

Forecast maintenance and repair

Home Inspection

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Pre home inspection also helps you forecast the maintenance, repair, or renovation works you will need to do before move-in. This way you can set your expenses to manage everything in your budget. Buying a home is a significant investment that’s why you should be aware of the future expenses of owning the house you are going to purchase.


Once you know the real condition of the house, you can determine the actual value of the property with the help of your real estate agents. It helps you negotiate on your points provided during the home inspection process to get a better deal on your investment to save some money. You can negotiate with confidence by projecting the maintenance and repair cost it will take to reduce the price of the property.

Peace of mind

The main purpose of a home inspection is to ensure that the home is safe and ready to move for most of the part. It gives you peace of mind that you are investing in a property that has no or fewer issues that can be easily managed with some maintenance works.

The above reasons clearly indicate why a home inspection is highly recommended. When you are looking for Professional Home Inspection services, you should look for home inspectors that have a professional certificate and years of experience to perform various inspections in construction and house safety.

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Why should you hire a Home Inspector?

Investing in a house is arguably the costliest and biggest spending you would make in your entire lifetime. So it is important to ensure that that big of spending is something that is satisfactory for years to come.

To make sure that every penny you spend on your new home is worth it, people prefer to hire home inspection services. Although a home inspection is not compulsory for buyers when purchasing any property, it can be one of the best pre-home purchase decisions one can ever make. Many of you might consider it extravagant spending, but as a matter of fact, spending a few bucks on Home Inspection Services in Toronto or anywhere, would help you avoid costly home repairs further down the line.

There are several reasons to take the services of a professional home inspector. Some of the significant ones are mentioned below in detail.

  • Ensures safety:
    If you hire a reputed home inspection service, you would be able to know about any potential safety concerns present in your new house. Some of the conditions that the home inspectors tend to look for are mold, carbon monoxide, and even radon. The presence of any of these substances can have harmful health consequences for the inhabitants as they contribute to poor air quality.
  • Provides bargaining power:
    There is a chance that a home inspector would be able to find something that you did not come across when you had a rough look around the house. And that something could be something which is expensive to fix. This discovery tends to give you some bargaining power with the selling party when it comes to the price of the house. The sellers might be forced to sell the house at a much lower price than what they set earlier so as to compensate for the expenses you would spend for all the repair work.
  • Anticipate future expenses:
    Another reason to hire the services of a home inspector is that they have the ability to notice any major elements of the house that would require your attention to ensure the safety of everyone in the house. A reliable Home Inspection would determine the overall condition of the structure and its contents including the condition of the roof and paints, as well as certain home appliances.
  • Final chance to opt out:
    Sometimes, the home inspector you hire can detect problems in your potential home that are grave enough to make you change your mind about purchasing it. Many times, people don’t hire a professional home inspector, and then a few years down the line regret investing so much in a house that is just not worth it. So, you get a final chance to opt-out by hiring a home inspector.

These were only some of the reasons why you must consider hiring a reliable Home Inspection Service. So, if you are soon going to invest in a new house, make sure that you get in touch with a home inspection company and ensure that you are spending your money on the right house.

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The 4 Different Types of a Home Inspection

As a common perspective, a home inspection is for the buyers who are planning or in the process to buy a home. The service helps them know the condition of the house before they invest such a huge amount. And it’s true, but not completely.

Today, home inspection service is no more restricted to the buyers. Other than the buyer’s home inspection, several types of Home Inspection are available in the industry. In other words, the roles of home inspectors have increased significantly.

To make it simple, we have mentioned the types of home inspection services and their purposes.

1. The buyer’s inspection

As already mentioned above, it’s the most common home inspection type ordered by the intended buyer of the home. Buying a home is a huge investment option so the home buyers need to ensure that the home they are planning to buy is perfect in all aspects.

Perfection is not guaranteed, but at least Home Inspection allows gives an idea about maintenance details and minor imperfections. Based on the report, the buyers ask the sellers to address the defects or get the opportunity to negotiate the price.

2. The pre-listing home inspection

The pre-listing home inspection is ordered by homeowners who are planning to list their house for sale. The primary aim of the pre-listing home inspection is to deliver the best to the buyers and get the maximum sale amount in return.

Another reason for sellers to get a pre-listing inspection is to know the current status of the property and more control over the repairs. If the condition of the home is improved on time, the sellers are in a good negotiating position.

3. The warranty home inspection

It is ordered by homeowners who have purchased newly constructed house and are at the end of their first-year builder warranty. It’s a very smart home inspection type where homeowners save huge bucks by transferring the expense of repairs or replacements on the builder’s shoulder.

If homeowners detect any deficiencies before the warranty period ends, they can prepare a report and ask the builders to address them all. And builders can never deny.

4. The maintenance home inspection

It is also ordered by homeowners who are staying in their house for several years and wish to know the current condition. The Home Inspection Service helps in verifying structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues and getting repaired on time before they turn out to be a major disaster.

The maintenance home inspection also helps the homeowners to know the exact repair requirements and avoid any unnecessary expenses.

So, these were the 4 home inspection types that benefit sellers and homeowners along with the buyers. Lastly, whenever you feel the need to hire a home inspector, ensure he/she is well-reputed (customers’ positive reviews), experienced, and certified.