Benefits of Pre-listing Home Inspection

The home inspection is usually ordered by buyers to know the condition of the property they are planning to purchase. The report released from home inspectors helps in knowing the defects and damages in the home so that buyers can negotiate the price or ask for the repair from the seller.

This is one side story of a coin. Today the scope of home inspection has widely increased and the process is no more restricted to buyers. As a homeowner or a seller, even you can order a home inspection before putting your property on sale in the market. It is known as the pre-listing home inspection.

The pre-listing Home Inspection will help you verify that all the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are installed and operating as intended. In most cases, homeowners avoid inspection thinking there is no use as the buyer is anyway going order it. But you should think alike.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, the inspection performed ahead of time helps sellers in many other ways. We have listed a few of them for your reference.

You will get feedback from a third-party

Other than you and your family members, it’s important to know the status of your home from a third-party’s eye. A Home Inspector will be a critical and neutral advisor for you. She/he will take you through a reality check and show the actual status of your home that you are planning to buy. And what a buyer will accept or reject.

You will get the alert for immediate repairs and safety concerns

The home inspection report will reveal all the safety issues and damages of the house. If you get to know about all the issues before the visit of an agent or buyer, you will get enough time to resolve and repair the safety concerns and damages respectively on time. With this, buyers will not get an opportunity to negotiate the price.

You will price your home realistically

We know you are hoping to get as much money as possible on the sale of your home. And by now you might have decided the price. As already said, a home inspection will give a reality check. Once you get the actual status of your house, it will easy to decide the price. The sale price would be real and you will have no worries if questioned by a buyer. You will increase or decrease the price of the property based on the home inspection report.

What is the pre-listing home inspection and is it necessary

You will not stumble at the time of negotiation

If you have the report with everything in the right place, you will not have any problem at the time of negotiating the price. Buyers will not get an opportunity to find any defects and overrule the negotiation process. You will be confident with all the answers on the point. With no problems from your side, the chances of getting the expected amount are very high.

You will avoid prospects’ suspicions and concerns

Buying a home is a very huge investment for a buyer so they are up with several concerns and suspicions. A home inspection report will help you avoid all such suspicions and concerns from their minds and make them trust that your property is the best. Even if they are satisfied, let them order a home inspection for further clarification.

By now you might have understood that the home inspection process is no more restricted to buyers and a homeowner can also order for the same. So, enjoy the benefits of pre-listing home inspection and sell your home at a profitable price.